• What time does the event start/ open, is there a charge for spectators ?

  • I intend to be there as a spectator, hopefully I might learn something! This will be my first visit to VHGMC event!

  • Personally, I think the proposed band is too narrow, I would like to see a max horsepower of 18hp and age of rolling 40 years old.
    Surely the idea is to bring more people to the hobby.
    Keeping it too narrow will reduce it.

    I can see the argument that when is the point that horticultural or compact tractors becomes equal to agricultural tractors.

  • Carb looks complete to me, you do have the air filter that fits on top?
    Have you reset the mixture screw on the carb?
    What sort of poor running are you experiencing?

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    On the subject of replacement tines, try a different agricultural supplier, the dealers are often tied to the manufacturers they are agents for and tend to stock what they have sold.
    An independent general stockist will have all sorts of tine points, I used (when I was working ) Hargreaves agriculture of Holbeach, they could get all sorts of…[Read more]

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    The most important thing is that there is a gap of at least what is specified, otherwise when the engine is hot the valves may not close fully, so causing the valve to burn and reduce performance.
    Obviously there is not much that can be done with too wide a gap, as the adjustment is to grind the end of the valve! I’m my limited experience the v…[Read more]

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    Well after an afternoon of rummaging through various boxes and cans of bolts I have found one a bit longer in 1/4 UNC, I have run a tap down the filter housing again 1/4 UNC (1/4 and 6 mm use taps always difficult to find, they break easily) and with a fibre washer all assembled and fitted!
    Next question is, I intend to fill and run the tractor…[Read more]

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    Hello everyone
    I have a diesel mg 6 possibly a 40, ( place says 6 decals says 40) it has a vokes ltd fuel filter , but I can’t find a cross reference for it.
    I planned to fit a AC 60 filter assembly instead off an old engine but the centre bolt only enters about one turn and is clearly not long enough.
    Does anybody know what size and thread t…[Read more]

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    I will expect that there will be many opinions on this!
    Some will recommend lubrication with engine oil, some with gear oil, some with an aerosol grease and some will say coat the coupling with grease! Some might even suggest a chain lubricant that ‘ sticks ‘ better. Like we Chainsaw chain oil
    Lubrications will attract dirt and grit , some wil…[Read more]

  • I cannot speak for the toro, not dealt with them.
    The Ransomes is a motor triple, all mechanical drive through belts from engine to transmission through varispeed pulleys.
    A good solid machine, however the faults are if you travel with the cylinders half raised a lot you will shear the rollpins in the lift levers , not a big problem but another…[Read more]

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    The B7100 I worked with I thought had Kubota decks on them, however I am very aware that they could have been made by someone else, I know of a manufacturer making implements and trailers , some are painted orange and badged Kubota!
    We were using them for local authority grass maintenance, verges, play areas and some amenity areas.
    The electric…[Read more]

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    Hi peter
    I worked on the b7100 models, certainly they could have underslung decks on them, drive came from an electromagnetic clutch on the front of the tractor driven by the crankshaft. Then if my memory is correct a belt drive to a longitudinal shaft driving the mower.
    Some compacts have a centre PTO drive underneath the tractor , can’t r…[Read more]

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    Thanks Charlie
    I tried online to join but the PayPal would not work, possibly because I haven’t used it in years, so I went with paper!

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    Hello all.
    Membership pack came through this morning, but being told on this site that I don’t have access to this without membership. Am I being dim or what? Or possibly impatient?

  • Never ever scrap vintage kit, you just need to find the person that wants it, here looks like a good place!!


  • hi Alasdair
    If you look closely at the coupling, two holes tighten it up and usually two holes just expand the taper lock to get it off, though frequently a blow with a hammer is needed to get it started!
    At 3/4 inch to metric there is very little difference in size I was thinking of 1 inch shaft to 25 mm.
    If you go down the liquid lock route then…[Read more]

  • Hello Alasdair.
    I assume you are talking about a taper lock coupling as the method of holding the pulley.
    These are usually pretty good!

    Have you replaced the Briggs engine with anther Briggs or have you used an engine of another manufacturer?
    I was wondering if the shaft sizes are the same, in them both being imperial sizes, not a mixture of…[Read more]

  • There is another type of grease gun end, one with a point on that fits into the hole on the grease nipple, as the whole end is narrower it is very useful on things like universal joints.
    It does need pushing and holding on while pumping.

    Not the easiest type to find and they come in either screw onto the grease gun or as a clip on to a normal…[Read more]

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