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From Allen, Atco and the Autoscythe through to Versatiller and Wrigley, all vintage horticultural machinery is covered by the VHGMC.

Whether you collect vintage hand tools, garden tractors, mowers, crawlers or rotavators, try for free the incredibly helpful forum or become a paid member and receive the club magazines and free insurance.

Latest News

Quiz 2023

Here are twelve questions for a short quiz. These very random questions relate to horticultural items; technical knowledge is not required but a bit of guesswork might be useful. A pencil and paper is handy to write down the answers.… Continue Reading

Briggs & Stratton powered…

Imagine going back thirty years to 1993 (yes thirty whole years) and, quite randomly, you are allowed to put a small Briggs & Stratton engine on absolutely any machine of your choice. What would it be? Perhaps a lawnmower or… Continue Reading

Battery Power! Is it the future…again?

Battery-powered machinery has been hanging about in the horticultural machinery world for several decades. Probably the best-known machines with batteries as their means of power are lawn mowers, for instance, in the vintage arena are cylinder mower models such as… Continue Reading

Kubota Premises – Then & Now

Recently I have been looking at the history of Kubota tractors in the UK. Although the tractors were sold in many countries in the 1960s, the first Kubota tractors didn’t arrive in the UK until the early 1970s, and the… Continue Reading

Wolf Tools – Then & Now

Tools and equipment made by Wolf are popular, both the vintage ones and the modern equivalents that can still be purchased. I have several modern Wolf tools and they are excellent. This ‘Then & Now’ post features the Wolf factory… Continue Reading

Quiz 2022

Here are twelve questions for a short quiz. These questions relate to the names of tools, machines, brands or slogans; technical knowledge is not required, if in doubt just take a guess at the most obvious sounding answer! See how… Continue Reading

Norlett Factory – Then & Now

Searching for the history of a particular machine or brand can be time-consuming. Newspaper adverts, trade reports and brochures are helpful with timelines, machine specifications and also addresses from where the manufacturer or retailer was located, but it does take… Continue Reading

Christmas Quiz 2021

Here are twelve questions for a short Christmas quiz. These questions relate to items from the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and 1980s. With the 1980s now starting to be 40 plus years ago, many items have now become collectables – and… Continue Reading

The Cultivator Magazine – April 2021

Landing on VHGMC subscribers doorsteps shortly will be the April issue of ‘The Cultivator’.This issue contains articles about the Gravely 430 tractor from Marcus Stephens, the British Anzani Iron Horse from Bryan Garnham; Gutbrod tractors from Steven Little, and part… Continue Reading

2021 VHGMC Calendar

There is a new 2021 VHGMC Calendar available for download. This has been created by Robert Page and contains some brilliant archive photographs.The calendar can be downloaded from the Members Download Page .A comment can be left in the forum… Continue Reading