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The Vintage Horticultural Garden Machinery Club has been running since 1993 and has a large and well-supported membership throughout the UK and abroad with almost 700 members. It is a national organisation formed to promote an active interest in the preservation, exhibiting and operation of vintage equipment used in horticulture and home gardening. The VHGMC is well placed to be the place for vintage horticultural machinery in the UK and produces the only printed vintage horticultural magazine in the UK too. There’s the option of using the website for free or optionally for as little as £17.00 per year also receiving the vintage horticultural machinery magazines by post and *NFU insurance too.

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Run by a talented group of country-wide volunteers and with almost 900 paying members  there is a keen and growing interest in horticultural equipment. The club encompasses far more than just this website which is only a small section of what it supports. The club promotes the hobby by producing a magazine, supporting shows and events, providing machinery insurance, also trophies for various shows and events, as well as a central online meeting point which is the website.
Regardless of your machines make, age or condition all machines are catered for whether it's using them, collecting them, or restoring and showing them.

Regardless of your machines make, age or condition all machines are catered for.

Magazine: The only UK vintage horticultural magazine “The Cultivator” is created and published six times a year and sent by post to paid club members worldwide. The magazine includes many articles and information on machines, equipment and recent shows all written by members who are knowledgeable in their chosen area. As well as reporting on various events the magazine also includes an invaluable for sale/wanted section, articles on restoration projects, as well as readers letters and club news. Paid club members can also download back issues of the magazine without charge – an excellent way to research past events and articles.
The VHGMC support many shows and events. The trophy for best horticultural exhibit is provided by the VHGMC.

The VHGMC supports many shows and events.

Insurance: Providing NFU insurance enable members to get the most out of showing, exhibiting and using their machines at events. The VHGMC includes public liability insurance into each members subscription. This insurance is provided by the NFU and members receive an insurance card withtheir members package. This ensures that all eligible members and machines exhibited at a show have sufficient insurance of £5,000,000.*Shows & Events:There are many events throughout the country that the VHGMC attends. This can be some of the smaller shows and also the larger events too such as Tractor World at Malvern at the start of the season and the Newark Tractor and Heritage Show in November. The attendance of the club at shows promotes horticultural equipment to the public as well as providing a fantastic meeting point for club members and their exhibits.
A little bit of ploughing can be great fun at any event or at the club working weekend.

A little bit of ploughing can be great fun at any event or at the club working weekend.

Take Part: Although some events are for showing machinery, others are for using machinery. The VHGMC encourages members wanting  to  try their ploughing skills, and there are ploughing events in the UK with horticultural classes as well as the club working weekend where, regardless of experience or skill, any member can take along machines and have a play.Website: Of course any fully functioning club wouldn’t be complete without a website where members can exchange information, messages, create photo albums and video and discuss anything they wish. *Note: The insurance applies to members over 14 year of age. Insurance covers all machinery and equipment except ride-on machines and tractors which require road traffic act (RTA) insurance to be provided by the user.