When we all acquire a “new” machine, the first thing in the back of our mind is to find out some history of the brand; next we wish to find out some of the history relating to our own particular machine. That is the purpose of this section, so that members can see quickly where their own machine fits into the history of the brand, we can date it for them and record their own machine’s details on the register so that a more complete picture of the surviving machinery can be made.
Similarly, it is only by compiling lists such as this that the development of the machine may be tracked and trends can be seen that link vital facts together.
Please use the contact links provided to send an email to the relevant register if you wish your machinery to be included. As you can see, no personal details are given, so if you haven’t told the missus about your latest purchase under the sheet then fear not- she won’t find out from here!
To access the information that you are looking for please click on the relevant link below.
Trusty Steed Register
Trusty 2-Wheeled Tractor Register
Trusty Imp Register
Trusty Earthquake Register
Monro Tiller Register
Garner 2-Wheeled Tractor Register
Garner 4-Wheeled Tractor Register
Ransomes MG Register

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  1. said on May 22, 2014

    How about an ATCO register?

    • not a bad idea as there are quite a lot of members with all sorts of atco s from garden tractors,cyclinder mowers of all ages and also atco rotary mowers made around 1957.

  2. said on May 27, 2014

    Is a Mayfield register on the horizon?
    Thanks, Ralph

  3. I welcome any member who wishes to publish their register on here. Of course, I run the Trusty Register which is why that is the first one to be published, but I simply don’t have the time to compile registers for all of the other machinery.
    If anyone has a register that they would like to see here please get in touch through the “Contacts” section. I will have to load them onto the site, but this has the added advantage in that it keeps all the registers to a standard format.
    I would like to point out that since my Trusty Register has gone live I have had six new entries to add to it, so any registers that are published here will definitely grow. Any new entries I will forward directly to the owner of the register- we are not looking to take over registers, just to give them a “shop window” so that they can be seen.

  4. hi all I am willing to take the Ransomes register on. If any Ransomes owner wishes to have their machines registered please contact me at 01376 340072 or email me at with their machine no and contact details.
    Dave Clark.

  5. I have a register for Allen and Simmonds machines – (Auto Culto, Midgiculto, HortiCuto, Autogardener, and Godiva mowers, and anyhting else they made!)

    it can be found at:

  6. Thanks for posting the photos. Love the Anzani! IMHO the best machines are the unrestored ones!

  7. Hi I have a howard gem does this machine qualify. Thanks Davey.

    • As I said in the previous reply when this section first opened, we welcome any registers that our members have compiled.
      To date no-one has come forward with a Howard register for us to publish and there is no mention in the club magazine of anyone compiling one- again, maybe that’s an opening for someone to start one.
      I’m sure that your Gem would be eligible for the Howard Register when somebody comes forward to do it.

  8. said on May 6, 2015

    Could you give me some information on a 1967 colt deluxe

    • We do have club members who know about your tractor but you will have more success if you ask the question on the main forum rather than here.
      When you ask the question it would be helpful if you could give serial number or engine number, or maybe post a picture or two.
      Best of luck.

  9. is there a problem with Jim Beacon Auto Culto website because when I try it comes up with error 404 maybe withdrawn

  10. said on April 22, 2019

    I have a Trusty Earthquake TC606DR. Can anyone suggest a conversion from a rope start to a proper recoil pull start ?

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