Trusty Earthquake Register


The 1950’s was a time of great change for the country; changes were also happening to the machinery that we collect, and one of the biggest was the introduction of the rotary cultivator by Howard. This has passed into history as the Rotavator- a palindrome copyrighted by Howard for it’s products. (A palindrome is a word that is spelt the same forwards and backwards- very clever.) Most of the other horticultural manufacturers tried to cash in on this new trend and so most of them came up with their own designs. Tractors (London) Ltd were no exception and came up with the Earthquake. The Earthquake appeared as a very tall and upright machine in the early days and must have been quite a handful with a high centre of gravity, so the later ones were lower and longer to give them more stability. Villiers Mk25 engines seem to have been used on most, but others have appeared on the larger versions in small quantities.

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