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The 2-wheeled tractor is what Tractors (London) Ltd is best known for. Indeed, the name “Trusty” was widely used for all two-wheeled tractors, very much like “Hoover” is for vacuum cleaners.
The production run started in 1935 as far as we can tell; engine types were Villiers and Blackburne on the early tractors, progressing to the JAP5 in 1938, through various American engines supplied under Lend/Lease during the war. After WW2 the manufacturer went over again to using British engines with the JAP6 and Douglas SV54 making an appearance alongside the JAP5. Later a Norton Big Four was added to the range, and this line-up was carried on to the end of production in 1969.


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  1. Hi Geoff,

    Great work with the Trusty registers.

    I notice that neither of my 2-wheeled tractors are included, so have listed the details below:-

    Serial 10739, Norton Big 4 engine.

    Serial 4256T, non original Villiers engine. Don’t know what engine it had originally, but I have a JAP 6 going spare, so will probably fit this at some stage.



    • The register has now been updated to include your tractors. You will see that there are no dates against them as yet- these will be added as soon as I can look them up, but at least you can get a rough idea of their ages from the table.

  2. said on April 20, 2014

    Hello,ive just acquired 8472,a lot rusty but complete,thankyou

    • The above tractor has been added to the register and as soon as I can look up the serial number I will fill in the date of sale and the selling dealer.
      Kind Regards,

  3. Hi,
    could you please include my late fathers trusty no: 3797T it has a JAP 5 engine and steel wheels thanks

  4. said on April 3, 2015

    I have recently bought Trusty No.6091T. Douglas Engine 1284LB SV54. Plough. On Isle of Wight

  5. said on May 4, 2015

    Hi I have just purchased a Trusty serial no 14427 it has the JAP6 engine and 3 speed gearbox. It came with a plow and a 2 wheeled cart with seat I will put some pics on when I work out how to do it

  6. said on May 29, 2015

    Hi, first time here. Have two trustys to add to list. 1945, I think, with Jap 6 engine which I understand is the original. Tractor no. 4707. Purchased from a Tony Lawrence who had it for 40 years. In perfect condition and competing in many ploughing matches. Single speed. Next one is 1949 ? With Douglas SV 63 (the bigger one) It has the safety reverse. I have the original SV 54 engine but need + 20 piston to rebore it. Tractor no. 14122. In good condition now and ready for next seasons ploughing matches using the bigger engine. Both trustys are part of collection which includes an Anzani Iron Horse, a BMB Plowmate, and two Mk 4 Cliffords

    • I’ve been a bit busy lately and so I apologise for not including everyone’s numbers before now.
      The Trusty register is now up to date and once I’ve been to London again I will add the dates and selling dealers to fill in the gaps.
      Keep them coming!

  7. said on June 16, 2016

    I am from Czech republic and I own a Trusty 2-Wheeled Tractor with a serial number 7014G with the engine J.A.P

    • That’s very interesting to know that they were sold to the Czech Republic as well. Do you know any history of your machine?
      I will add your machine to the register.

  8. said on July 3, 2016

    Hi I’ve just brought tractor number 9946 if you could tell me anything about it.. also looking for a plough for it.. thanks

    • The next time I go to look up the records I will fill in the blanks for you, but you can see from the numbering above that it was built in June 1947. What engine was fitted to it and is it a standard single speed? An engine number will also help when I look up the records because I can tell you if it is the original engine that was fitted at the factory.

  9. said on July 5, 2016

    Interesting stuff, engine number is 6224 ap
    type 54 sv

  10. I have Trusty No.8396 sold new i Norway by Eik og Hausken. Engine Douglas SV54 943L3

  11. said on April 29, 2017

    My machine is number 8426 fitted with Douglas SV54 engine 1891LB.
    It also has an Austin (7?) gearbox fitted which looks like it was possibly a dealer fitted conversion – it looks too well done to be a homemade job with a sport welded external chain guard etc.
    This machine has been in my family for about 65 years and was passed on to me last year.

  12. Hi, have two trusty machines in the barn that ill go over and get details
    Where are the serial numbers of the machine found?
    Thanks Kevin (new member)

    • Serial numbers for all 2-wheel Trusty Tractors appear on a plate at the back of the transmission casing, above where the swinging drawbar pivots. If you can, let me know what engine is fitted to each one and the engine numbers as well.
      Thanks very much,

  13. 11052 Douglas

  14. said on March 14, 2019

    Hello. For two weeks I am the owner of a Trusty. Do not now any history of this machine. It goes with a plow. There is a (not fitted) plate no 3593 with it.
    Douglas SV 54 engine no 3613LB.
    It’s a challenge to get it run again.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Johan

  15. Geoff
    My Trusty is 4104T jap 5
    M.j.cottam Preston

  16. said on March 16, 2020

    Hi there I’ve recently inherited a trusty tractor with a douglas engine I believe the serial number is 29374.if you have any history on it it would be much appreciated. Currently having issues in trying to get it started

    • I’m afraid that the number is incorrect- where did you find it on the machine? If you compare it to the ones I have published you will see what I mean.

      Starting issues need to be discussed on the forum where everyone can see them. I’m sure that you will get plenty of help if you start a new topic on that part of this site.

      Best of luck.

  17. The register is such a dedicated piece of work, well done Geoff. But on viewing it on my iPad I can’t see the full details across. For example I can only read the ‘Eng’ of Engine on the banner heading, with ‘Unkno’ and ‘Blackb’ on line 2&3 below. And so on. I’m viewing on an IPad.

  18. Hi Geoff. I’m not sure if the register is still being updated but I have 7535 with a Douglas engine on with the chain driven pulley. Could it be added? Many thanks. Ryan

    • Sorry that it’s taken so long to reply but it’s been a bit hectic of late! I have added your number to the register but with Covid lockdowns I think it unwise to visit my contact to look up the dates until we are in healthier times.

      Rest assured it will be done and I am still updating the register! Thanks for your enquiry.

  19. Good to have a register, well done.
    I have just bought a Trusty Serial no 14554. It is in very good un-restored condition, only thing missing is carburettor and air cleaner. I wonder who the dealer was that it was bought from.

  20. Thanks for your kind words, Bruce. As the original sales records are still with the family who owned the company I have to pick my times when I can visit to look up details. With Covid restrictions it simply hasn’t been possible so far and I would not like to be responsible for giving it to them, so until we are through this pandemic you may have to be patient. Rest assured your serial number is on my master copy and will be looked up when Covid allows.

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