Trusty Steed Register

Steed1RubbersThe Mk1 Steed was designed as an industrial tug, and as such could tow 1.5 tons. It started out originally as a converted two-wheeled tractor with an extension at the front for an extra set of wheels and a seat above the engine. Seventy of this style were made and were given the serial number prefix of “TS” for Trusty Steed; it is only in recent years that it has been known as the Mk1.

Steed2flhsThe Mk2 Steed was a complete departure from the previous one and only used the rear wheels and reduction gears from the two-wheeled tractor. The engine was now at the front with the operator sitting over the back wheels, his feet resting on a grid that gave a clear view through to the floor for the mid-mounted weeder bar. Three hundred and seventy five of this style were made, and the serial numbers for these were prefixed with “NTS” for New Trusty Steed; again, it is only recently that we have started calling them Mk2.

Both of these models are shown in the listing below, and you can see from the prefixes which are Mk1 and Mk2. All of these tractors are in preservation somewhere in the world and the list keeps growing, so if you would like your tractor added to the listing please drop me a line using the contacts tab on the front page with the relevant details as well as your own name and ‘phone number/email address just in case I need to clear something up.

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