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    Hmm – I had the same problem on an old car I once owned. It turned out that the piston had broken above the gudgeon pin, so the piston went up and down, but the top of the piston remained at the top of the bore with the engine constantly misfiring and the compression reduced as a result.

    Best of luck with the strip down

    John e-W

  • I think Reliant used the basic engine for the mini and had mods made to suit the Reliant – I think they later moved to an all alloy, slightly larger and more powerful, Imp engine.

    I have found that the biggest problem with wet liners, is that they are normally a loose fit in the block and might come out with head removal. To overcome that – tap…[Read more]

  • The engine is obviously OHV, so was it built for the original Mini – 750cc, low HP (27? 35?)

    John E-W

  • Now that you have got the piston out – what happened to the split pin that was in the lower barrel?

    John E-W

  • Is it a pin, or a broken piston ring?

    John E-W

  • Well done John.
    It looks like there is a Woodruf key on the shaft which is good engineering and it’s a pity that Villiers didn’t use them as it would have made setting the timing a lot easier. When you reassemble the flywheel it can be easier if you “rock” the key so that the leading end is lower than the trailing end. Just make sure that it is…[Read more]

  • I have found that Diesel makes a good perpetrating oil.

    John E-W

  • Ref the rubber handles – you could use my bodge and try your local motor-parts shop and ask for some car heater hoses which are aprox 1/2″ dia and cut them to the correct length.

    John E-W

  • I have used “Shoulder of Shoreham” a couple of times, although they will probably want to sell you the whole wheel and not just the bearing – but there are plenty of bearing sales places if you google it – your bearing will probably be imperial rather than metric.

    After a complete rebuild a wheel bearing should be a doddle!!

    Best of luck
    John E-W

  • Re the statement above by hdtrust – Your engine is a 248cc RSJ (Ransomes Simms & Jefferies) which is centrifugal

    Question from a grey-haired old fogie – what is a centrifugal engine and how do they work? Is this the forerunner of the Mazda rotary engine?

    John E-W

  • I must admit I’m not familiar with these machines – what is the cooking pot on the top of the petrol tank?

    John E-W

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    Hi uru33 – I had a twin cylinder Howard Gem and I manufactured a double plough(ridger) for my potatoes. I fitted it in place of the depth foot and used the tillers to soften the soil and help drive the equipment forward. I have very heavy clay based soil, so every little bit of forward motion helps. Unfortunately I sold the rotovator a couple of…[Read more]

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    Good day all
    Timing all fine now, tweaked it very slightly. The only problem is that it’s impossible to check the points with the brass cover on the points housing with the flywheel fitted – unless there is a crafty way of removing/replacing it that I haven’t discovered – any ideas??

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    Hi – please see private message
    John E-W

  • Does the Monroetiller have sufficient power to drag this through the soil? I guess it depends on soil type – it might struggle in my clay based soil.

    John E-W

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    In reply to: allotmenter posted an update @john-e-w Thanks for getting in touch unfortunately I’m near Newmarket so not anywhere near Sevenoaks which is such a shame as more information would have been invaluable – plus I’m […] View

    Hi Bob – for somebody that doesn’t know how to use the website, you are doing as well as I can manage. Newmarket is only an hour or two away from me – I used to work with the army at Thetford, so know the M11 quite well. My problem is that I don’t have a tow-bar, so have to rely on a friend who is going on a camping holiday next week!

    Is the…[Read more]

  • Wow! my dad used to have one exactly the same as in your picture – depending on your location, I wouldn’t mind having a go at restoration. I’m just outside Sevenoaks in Kent.

    John E-W

  • Now I have the rotovator up and running, the only problem I have is when I stop it after 45-50mins work and it’s nice and warm. It stops OK but in doing so it backfires quite alarmingly. Does that mean that it is too far advanced or too far retarded. I must say I’m not a fan of adjusting the timing by the placement of the flywheel on the tapered…[Read more]

  • Thanks for info Charlie

    Having posted my message on the forum, I then read some of the backdated newsletters, only to find that back in the day you were advertising “User Manuals” for sale. Is this still the case and if so could I purchase one please.

    Unfortunately I’m not really clued up on the new “digital speak” – what is a pm?

    John E-W

  • Good-day all

    I have just rebuilt (successfully) the Mk15 engine for my rotovator. Now I need to know about the oil requirements for the two (gear trains?) just in front of the tiller unit. How do you drain the emulsified oil out as there doesn’t appear to be a drain plug, and what oil do I refill them with (20-50??). I was also surprised that…[Read more]

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