Things To Do

These are the things that can be done on the VHGMC website:

JOIN: Anyone can join the VHGMC, check this JOIN HERE. link and options for paid/unpaid membership:

RENEW A SUBSCRIPTION: Current paid subscriptions can be renewed online RENEW A SUBSCRIPTION. There is a help page for subscriptions HELP WITH SUBSCRIPTIONS.

GALLERY: If you are looking for a particular machine or photographs then check out the gallery where there’s just over 10,000 images grouped by make. IMAGE GALLERY

SEARCH THE FORUM: Find out if information already exists FORUM SEARCH

 It is possible to search the website for text or photos via Google (or other search engines). Type in to Google: followed by your query e.g. qualcast panther 

READ THE FORUM:   Read the FORUM. For ease the most recent replies on the forum can be found at  FORUM ACTIVITY. 

POST ON THE FORUM: Create a new post with a question or information using the form ASK A QUESTION or at the bottom of each forum page. 

CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT: This can be done by firstly logging in to the website as normal, then click your username in the top of the right side column. From here, settings, preferences, email, passwords etc can be changed, messages can be sent and received between paying members, and avatars can be uploaded (via the Profile tab). 

CULTIVATOR MAGAZINE: Paid members can download and read issues of the clubs The Cultivator magazine going back to 1993. THE CULTIVATOR. Paid members will need to be logged in to access the magazines and downloads.  

DOWNLOADS: There are some downloads available on the website including the VHGMC machine logsheet (free for all membership levels), also available are Ransomes downloads and Jean Smiths book on Horticultural Tools and Equipment Trademarks and Logos. DOWNLOADS

MACHINERY REGISTERS: There are some machinery registers held on VHGMC online for Trusty, Monro, Garner and Ransomes. MACHINERY REGISTERS.

PLOUGHING: There is the definitive guide for horticultural ploughing available including guidelines and points scoring. PLOUGHING 

VHGMC SHOP: Why not buy some VHGMC branded items from the SHOP

CONTACT: The VHGMC can be contacted via the Website. CONTACT