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    This year the Weeley working weekend takes place on 9th and 10th September
    at the same location as previous years, see The Cultivator for details. There is a good camp site
    and a large play pen/ ploughing area. The toilets are ordered the barby for Sat evening is readied we will supply the charcoal you just bring your own food and wine.
    Ploughing match and ladies furrow drawing contest on Saturday afternoon and a ride out round
    the farm on Sunday morning. See you all there. Any problems please contact me on
    01376 340072 or email at djclark89@btinternet.com.


    Just a little reminder to all of you out there that this is a club members’ only event, it is not open to the public. A great weekend, however, and well worth joining the club so you can be part of a well organised event with a very light hearted (and not too serious) set of competitions to take part in.


    As well as the playpen/ploughing area we also have an acre of long grass this. So break out the cutter bars and mowers if you don’t feel like ploughing.


    As this is a members only event, do ride on machines need to be covered by RTA insurance? Do I need to pre book or just turn up?


    As a club members only event I have always been led to believe that ride on insurance is
    not needed. But I stand to be corrected.
    No pre booking needed just turn up and enjoy a good weekend with like minded friends.
    Look forward to meeting you there.


    Having consulted with our insurance rep the view is that all ride on machines need appropriate RTA insurance. Although it is a members only event other users of the site have access to areas machines will be in. The insurance provided as part of membership is Public Liability only.


    Hi all
    With regard to insurance , just what is required for shows, working days and ploughing match’s for my MG 40, not registered , does not comply with road traffic rules ( no parking brake no lights, never likely to be driven on the road more than a few yards
    Who provide this insurance and what level of cover is needed? I am sure our members do insure their MG tractors and other ride on machines, but who with?

    Thanks chris


    Insurance for rally field and shows is not quite the same as for the road, machine does not need to be registered or taxed etc. Use machine serial number to identify it. Try some of the insurers that advertise in magazines such as Tractor & Machinery. When I had an MG2 I insured it with the NFU. Note call centre staff may not have a clue about RTA cover for vintage rallies etc.


    It seems that I made a mistake and spelt Weeley wrong way. Sorry, even the best of us
    can make mistakes.
    Last Monday Robert went over to Weeley and topped the working field. Many thanks Robert.
    He reported that the field is in good shape and he recons that I will plough well.
    All we need now is a good turnout for the weekend. It is not a serious match event
    but a fun weekend so come along and enjoy yourselves.
    Don’t forget the barby on Saturday evening. Always a fun event and good for a noggin
    and a natter.
    See you all there.


    Anybody coming to Weeley this coming weekend be warned. There are major road works
    on the A12 north of Colchester. This will slow your journey by quite a bit.
    Highways are digging up the whole road and rebuilding from the subsoil upwards
    Lots of speed restrictions and slow moving traffic. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


    Just back home from a truly great weekend in superb company. A HUGE thanks to Dave C and all the organisers , and above all to Dave W for his hospitality . Sorry I didn’t get to thank you all in person , buy you were all on the Weeley Wander.



    Robert and I went back this morning to finish clearing up. We put the last bits in our store shed and locked the door and put the squirrel blocking board in place. The little B****** had
    filled all the corners and bits of machinery up with nuts and had made a right mess. Much more of that and it will be the air rifle and telescopic sights for him.
    Many thanks to all who came, we had a good t6ime even though it was hot.
    A quick check round the field and as always NO LITTER. Lovely.
    See you all next September.


    Back home and packed away from another brilliant Weeley weekend.
    Big thank you to Dave and Robert for all their effort putting the weekend together, and also to Mr Weeley for hosting us again, and arranging such lovely weather!.
    See you in September.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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