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    Hi does anyone know the size of the engine to gearbox drive belt on the Gunsmith tractor, Mine is getting a bit tatty, I believe a ford car timing belt does the job, But I don’t
    know which model of Ford car the timing belt belongs to, I would be grateful if someone could help with this, then I can get a new one. Thanks Chris.


    You could try Gates belts website if you have the dimensions. They list belts by dimensions and types. Hopefully you can find one there,
    I am sure other belt manufacturers have a similar service. A good industrial belt supplier should be able to match your existing belts dimensions if you take the belt to them.

    Good luck!


    According to the 1959 Ferodo Belt Catalogue the Gunsmith takes flat belt W34 which has an inside circumference of 38 inches with one and a half inches width and one eighth inch thickness. Hope this helps. They were £1.18/6 in 1959!


    Another possible source is online supplier Simply Bearings they also sell drive belts. I have used them for bearings and seals and found them to provide a good service.


    With all the info that you’ve been given you should be ok but if not take your existing belt to a local bearing and power transmission part ( belt) dealer and get them to match it on their measuring gauge.


    Hi, thanks folks for your replies, my son in law called this morning and was able to make out the numbers on the old belt, as his eyesight is better than mine, and he located one for me from a belts company on e bay, as we don’t have a bearing or belts supplier on the Island, my belt has rubbed along one side, shall have to move the engine pulley slightly to avoid this happening again, Thanks again and all the best for Christmas and the new year. Chris


    I have come up against all-sorts of barriers trying to get replacement parts for old machinery. often people are not interested its a one off so not worth there while, however there are ways of finding things just think out of the box, I have seen cam timing belts used turned upside down, they are very strong, I use them for making strap wrenches, allot better use than in there proper use if they break. Four years ago wanted a replacement for the leather always stretching belt on my car, so equipped with the length off to the power transmission supplier, we haven’t got anything that size but can get it made, we’ll get get back to you with a price, that came back at £60 plus vat for a Gates belt. We ran an old 40 plus year old Cat for work and going west could get spares people were very helpful, so did the same for the belt. I wondered what the T Ford used and found they used from a 23inch in ten steps to a 36 inch and I needed a 30+ one and at only £3-00 for the shortest to the longest costing only £5-50 so a bit of a gamble and had two sent this cost I think less than £15 including post for the two Gates belts from the US, getting stuff sent isn’t as easy today as some things have to go through a re-shipper so adds a bit.


    Sadly that’s the way of the modern world , if it isn’t on the computer the majority don’t want to know , they won’t even open a box or package to give you measurements , so frustrating , as I’m finding out trying to source air filters.



    While I don’t have direct experience of this firm, they do have a very good reputation among the stationary engine enthusiasts for their knowledge and helpfulness.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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