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    Hello All,

    I was lucky enough to attend a farm machinery auction near to where i live on the 20th August, there was a lot of various stationary engines, rotovators etc quite dangerous as a lot of items were selling for low bids…
    After looking at a Lister D (too heavy for me to lift into my volvo estate!) i opted for a Monro Tiller MK3 that was not too bad conition wise, bit rusty but engine not seized so that was a bonus.
    £18 was the winning bid so i was now the proud owner! I had a foot pump in the car so pumped up the tyres and pushed it to my car and loaded it up! I now have my 1st machine to restore! stupid to say but i feel great… cannot wait to start looking at it an making it work.
    Hoping to get an allotment plot soon so will be putting it to work as it was intended…

    So, i have tried looking around online but failed to find any kind of user guide / manual. The engine is a Villiers 15 so i guess that a manual for this engine may be obtainable. I just wondered if anyone has any informaton on this make of tiller / rotovator?


    Charlie Moore is the expert on these machines and I’m sure he’ll be in touch soon.

    Well done on getting it for such a low bid.


    strutchr, you are in the right place, as trusty220 has said I am the man with the Monro information. I have sent you a pm. I have owners manual including parts list for machine and engine. Look after those tyres as they are an obsolete size and no longer available.
    The Monro Tiller series 3 has 3 forward and reverse gears, the earlier series 1 and 2 machines only had two forward gears and no reverse. Ratchet hubs are fitted enabling one or both wheels to rotate freely. 4 different types of time were available for the rotavator and there were a selection on other attachments including cutter bar, cylinder mower, pump, generator, trailer etc.
    The original engineering drawings are in the archives at Museum of Rural Life (MERL), Reading, where I have been helping to catalogue them.
    Not to sure the Monro is any lighter than a Lister D but it does have the advantage of been on wheels.


    Thank you Trusty220 and Charlie….

    Thanks for the tip regarding the tyres! they are not too bad but showing a little sign of cracking with age, bit like me!
    I did manage to find an old youtube clip of a monro that had a trailer attached, reminded me a bit like a chariot with the operator standing in the trailer while operating the monro.

    Thanks for the PM Charlie, i have replied to you.

    I would like to become a paid member but on the membership page there is no mention of cost nor does it allow me to click on the single membership option…..


    If the video is the one I think it is, that is my Monrotiller and trailer (you tube name rototiller56).
    If you are having problems signing up for paid membership this is an alternative link


    Hello Charlie,

    Yes! that was the clip that i saw…. brilliant!…

    Thanks for the alternative membership link… i have managed to make a payment so all is well..

    many thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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