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yes like Charlie said heat helps, but be careful if its a large lump of cast iron, heat, soak with paraffin or WD 40 and walk away, do this several times is better than loosing it and trying to do it in one hit. Often people try removing the key with an ordinary chisel, it may work if not tight but does harm to the key head, I use a C shape key remover its inner edge is chamfered so it pulls down into the base of the key head so it can generate a good pull without bending over the key head. With experience and if I feel its going to be very tight I weld on a piece of threaded rod, using a piece of pipe to bridge the shaft so one part is being pushed back while the key is pulled, have made a bridge so can use the key drawer at the same time. Sometimes pulleys can be driven further back onto a shaft again its a be careful and have drilled down the length of a key and works, however keys are normally tough and if you start drilling wrong, you could destroy the lot.Photo note the curved and chamfered shape.