Suffolk Mower Factory – Then and Now

July 20, 2016 in Machinery, Uncategorized

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Archive videos are always fascinating. The engaging monochrome films of days gone by and the lives of the people involved in various trades are of immense importance.

I’ve found a film online and captured in black and white is the Suffolk mower factory in Stowmarket, a site which eventually produced a huge number of engines and parts each year and exported mowers all around the world. Fast forward a few decades and in to the 21st century and the mower works now operated by Bosch are producing the next hi-tec generation of battery powered lawn mowers. 

It’s an interesting film of how lawn mower technology is changing to meet the potential future demands of the grass cutting public, just like the demand for Suffolk mowers did all those years ago. Will this technology be a collectable horticultural item of the future? I bet they never though people would restore and exhibit Suffolk mowers. 

This is a great video to see how the Suffolk factory operated only a few decades ago and the brilliant technological advances that are produced there now for horticultural use.

Click the link to watch the video:

You can also find more information about the Suffolk Mower Works at the National Archives.

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