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    Hello. I have one of these machines, and its in need of a lot of TLC. I have little to go on except for “Bug” 24. on the front. and taken from the Engine Cover. V60-70256 H SER 3274 D.the Engine for some reason has been painted WHITE. now what they have done is up-ended a 12v Dynamo. bolted it to the floor panel. a Fan Belt then positioned from the Dyno. to the Bottom Pulley on the Crankshaft. also a on/off switch and Ignition light fitted. I assume to assist quick starting. also a Magneto has been added. now the good bit. they have cut all the Wiring. the Dynamo is wornout. and hardly moves. with smoke coming out of it. when connected to a 12v battery. I assume you have had a fair bit of dealing with these dinky machines. all I want to do with it. is to get it running and driving. I`m not interested in the mower side of it. I ask can you assist, or advise me in anyway possible. PLEASE. Thank You, for your time….Regards.. Rod Mintern. on the South Coast. near Dymchurch. Kent. rmintern@btinternet.com


    Rob, if you can post some photographs of engine etc it will help with identifying engine and trying resolve problems with wiring etc


    I had an early Bug with a Tecumseh engine and that was white. In the early days of Westwood there was a certain amount of making it up as they went along and “ use what they had”. It sounds as though what you have is a Dynostart – starter and generator combined – the two functions in one unit, not that unusual in those days when many of the engine manufacturers had not got around to incorporating an alternator under the flywheel with the ignition windings.
    Sounds like your Bug is original, so many were butchered for lawn mower racing.
    I’m only about ten miles from you, so if you need any help send me a PM.

    Edit. I should add a word of warning. With any electric starting system it is very important that when” messing” with the wiring that you don’t end up sending battery voltage up the ignition stop/kill wire to the ignition windings – it will burn them out in a millisecond. So if you are experimenting sorting the electrics out my best advice is to disconnect the kill wire until you are sure that all is in order. You mention smoke – hopefully that has not already happened.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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