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    I decided to try and get a Webb AB1474 running again with serial #342-01103 [Model 60102 Type 0374 02 Code 80031803.] It has the Briggs & Stratton 2HP engine but has not run for 10+ years but was previously well maintained. After emptying, checking & flushing the petrol tank, checking oil & air filter, cleaning the carb, cleaning the spark plug (and checking it in another mover for operation, successful) – I cannot get a spark (and the mower won’t start!) Can you please suggest some checks I can do to see what the root cause of the problem might be? Is it possible the magneto/ignition coil has (in some way) failed? Any hints, tips, parts explosion or general help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    With that code number it is right on the turning point for the change over from points ignition to the electronic Magnetron system. Look in the centre of the recoil starter housing and see if it says Magnetron. If it does that eliminates dirty points. If not, the chances are that the contact breaker points have corroded or their operating plunger has stuck.
    To deal with that you will have to remove the cowling (blower housing) unscrew the starter clutch and remove the flywheel to get to the points cover and the points themselves.
    There’s probably a YouTube video assist with that.


    Many thanks @wristpin for not only the prompt reply but the excellent advice. After two YouTube videos and an hour of gentle persuasion, easing apart the starter clutch and flywheel (points then cleaned) followed by careful reassembly – two pulls and she was purring nicely! Your help appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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