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    Two Marquises, one 20” and 18” advertised locally. Both with grass boxes .
    Both were undercover but the 18” appeared to have been standing in a swamp – front rollers rotted away and their shaft oval and wasted. Stainless steel pipe over the oval shaft and rollers from the odds collection fixed that.
    Rear roller rusted, cracked and wasted away. No roller drums for the 18” in my stock of salvaged parts and none of my usual sources could help.
    So, armed with a steel rule, vernier and note pad, chopped an inch of each of two 20” drums and made up sleeves/bushes to fit them to the smaller diameter 18” shaft. Then after measuring several times, chopped the 20” spacers to suit the reduced length roller and position it in the chassis.
    All back together and installed into the chassis and we have a saleable 18” Marquis.


    That looks like a great solution! And the mower lives to see another day and many more lawns.

    I always think that many mowers and machines could be saved and, as with the Marquis, be working again. I wonder how many folk have scrapped a machine when it could have been saved.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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