Help Please: The Sourcing Rotor Bearings & Oil Seals, Landmaster L120 Cultivator

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    Dear All,

    Retired, I get pleasure from looking after the items I own. I inherited a Landmaster L 120, which now works magnificently having fitted a new engine, but with the exception that the cultivators rotor needle bearings and seals require replacement at the base of the machines chaincase. Would your members be able to throw any light on the technical specification of these items and also where I might source them? I am rather reluctant to dismantle the machine until I have sourced replacement parts.

    In the manufacturers operating instructions/parts list, the specific parts I require are listed below:

    Item 21 Axle bearing cap 2 off

    Item 22 Felt seal 2 off

    Item 23 Oil seal Superfect 760 2 off

    Item 24 Needle bearing – INA SC2106 2 0ff

    The INA and Superfect companies appear to know nothing about their superseded products, and I would be most happy to pay a fee if you could help me. I attach a pdf of the relevant pages my machines manual.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards

    Julian Lindley

    Tooths Cottage
    Leggatt Hill
    Nr Petworth
    West Sussex
    GU28 9DP

    Tel No: 01798 861263
    E mail:


    When approaching a job like this the best policy is to try to dismantle the assembly carefully to preserve any bearing and seal identifying numbers. Most bearing suppliers will be able to match bearings and oil seals if you can give them something to start with.

    If you can’t read any numbers off the items, try measuring the hole that the bearings fit into, the shaft size and width of the bearing; a good bearing supplier should be able to find a match from these dimensions.

    Best of luck with it.



    Many thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Julian Lindley


    Originally by Wrispin:

    Good advice from Trusty220. Have a look at the Simply Bearings website. You can identify bearings and seals etc either by part number or by size matching. A good firm to deal with – others may be available!

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