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    Hi all, just joined the club so still finding my way around.
    What prompted the joining was a neighbour has recently offered me a machine which I’d admired in the past as he is upgrading. He’s had it from new and its in generally fine condition.
    I dont want to take advantage of a older neighbour so was going to ask what would be a fair price for a what I believe is an ATCO 8/30.
    Also does anybody have an idea of the paint code for the age of ATCO. I’d like to make good some blemishes in the painwork.


    Your best bet is to have a look on that well known auction site, but take care- just because somebody is asking a certain price doesn’t mean that is what it is worth, some people have inflated ideas.


    Thanks for reply, I have already tried looking in all the obvious places to get an idea of prices, however I could only find one for sale (Gumtree), and it looked a bit sorry for itself.
    Hence coming on here to try and find a fair price for one in good general condition. Any ideas still very much appreciated.

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    Atco 8/30 could be an original Atco , in which case it will be getting on a bit and may be problematical for parts; or may be a “ modern” Atco which is a re- badged Stiga. If it has a Briggs and Stratton engine, look at the Model, Type and Code numbers on the engine and the Code will tell you it’s approximate age. ( always assuming it’s not been re- engined !!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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