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    Hi all,
    I’ve just acquired an Allen scythe, model TS with the Villiers 25C 2 stroke engine.
    I’m missing a spark at the moment, removed the flywheel to find its been fitted with a Nova2 ignition module.
    Are the any checks/adjustments that can be done on the module, do I just replace the module, or do I refit the original points (which I have)??.
    The machine will be used for managing wildflower meadows, so reliability/usability is more important than originality.


    It also looks as though it is fitted with a modern replacement coil. I think that step one will be to get that coil tested. You don’t mention a condenser but if you also have that, I would get that tested as well. If both the coil and the condenser have tested out ok, I would clean the points and reassemble the mag to original setting with its original components. If that gets it running it’s then up to you whether you stick with it or try the module again.
    I know that those Nova ignition trigger modules are marked + and – but I suppose that your issue may have just been one of incorrect polarity.


    It’s also worth remembering that by using the module you will have done away with the govenor system. Not that it overly matters as Allen, as far as I know were the only 25C customers that had it fitted , every other customer had a plain system , and by careful hand use of the throttle gave no problems.



    Thanks for the info.
    I’d read about the governor issue, but have to admit I thought that was regarding earlier engines.
    I believe the condenser was removed along with the points, will check later.
    I do find magnetos a bit of a black art, and finding the module flummoxed me a bit, the Internet seems split between them being the best thing since sliced bread and snake oil!


    It’s also worth remembering that by using the module you will have done away with the governor system.

    There is a way around that but whether its worth the faff is another matter. It basically involves leaving the points in place, disconnecting the condenser and mounting the module of choice out side the magneto. The points are re-purposed to act as a governor controlled cut out.

    Whether “snake oil or sliced bread depends on the situation. The two currently available aftermarket trigger modules, Mova and Meco are not total “snake oil” as they do work well on many engines. Equally they aren’t all “sliced bread” as they wont perform on some engines. I have fitted many Mecos to Villiers F12s and 15s with absolute reliability and I know people who swear by the Nova for old cast iron single pot Kohlers.

    Interestingly, while the Nova and Meco modules are sold as one size fits all, back in the 80s the Australian made Atom modules came in different colours and characteristics. The ones most commonly seen in the UK was the brown type 9 for chainsaws, brush cutters and other high revving two strokes. The blue type 7 was as near a general purpose as they got and the green type 5 was recommended for post 1960 Briggs with two leg armatures. Being Australian they did a special for the uncommon in the UK twin cylinder Victa.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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