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    As you are all pilling into Palindromes, I’d thought you all have the time to answer some questions.
    No1.Which town or city did Chas H Pugh,(Atco Mowers) first have a business.

    No2 What type of buisness,was it?

    No3,Which town or city was flight invented?

    No4, Which town or city was the inventor of flight born?

    No5, Suffolk Iron Foundries (1920),which town or city was their factory?

    Charlie you can join in on this one

    All the best Mr Wallingfield


    I just looked up Pugh and Atco and didn’t know that!


    1. Atlas Chain Co,Derby
    5. Stowmarket

    No idea about the rest but it raises the question of what sort of flight. Hot air ballon ? Engine powered?


    For no 3, I’m going for Malmesbury in Wiltshire. Eilmer the flying monk who leapt off the Abbey roof with homemade wings in 1005ad.
    There are no records as to where Eilmer was born.


    Oh dear up to now, no correct answers!

    Must try harder
    Mr Wallingfields


    Were Pughs first in Rotherham? I’ve just read it in a book.

    I recall that Bosch battery mowers are/were made at Suffolk Works, Stowmarket.


    Now then, a subject dear to my heart is this aviation thingy.

    The answer to No.3 is Brompton in Yorkshire where George Cayley conducted his experiments with flying objects. His coachman is said to have resigned after being forced to fly one of Cayley’s gliders!

    No.4 is Scarborough, also in Yorkshire.

    Can I answer all of the questions with “Yorkshire!”??
    …and I still think the Pope came from Sheffield!


    Just to put you all out of your miseries, here again are the questions and correct answers

    1,Which town or city did Chas H Pugh (Atco mowers) first have a business
    Answer, Rotherham

    2,What type of business was it.
    Answer, Jeweller

    3,Which town or city was flight invented in
    Answer, Chard, Somerset (A bit slow here Charlie!)

    4,Which town or city was the inventor born
    Answer, Rotherham.

    5,Suffolk Iron Foundries (1920) which town or city was their factory
    Answer, Ipswich
    The answer to this is interesting as the founder originally worked for Ransomes in their foundries.
    Hope you all enjoyed it
    Best wishes
    Mr Wallingfield

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