Reply To: flood


Hi Charlie and everyone,
I hear what you are saying Charlie,but I’ve just returned with frozen hands after manning our only pump!Unfortunately we fall just 2 miles from Thorney,our problem is when the road floods, it fills our field but when the height drops the field is still flooded,but a further problem is, the levels can only be pumped out, when the tide drops in the channel,that means, that we actually become tidal because of the effect of the rainfall coming off the surrounding land.
Just to add to the misery Somerset Highways have closed one of our main roots in there, to do essential drainage work!They’ve completed the work but as usual forgot to remove the barriers.
We tend to be a resultant lot down here,but we’re finding life’s a little to hard at the moment,not only keeping the ponies but also my business side is suffering,I’m well behind in orchard pruning and that’s if I can actually get to site.
The rain is due again in the morning, so all I can say is thank that electronic god on the internet and my best mate Mr Wallingfield