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At the risk of sounding my age I have had this conversation with a number of exhibitors over the years when they tell me they will boycott an event, be it a steam or tractor rally, ploughing match, working weekend or whatever. Various reasons have been given including not agreeing with the judges decision, not liking their plot, not being able to park next to their friend, it rained, the camping isn’t close enough, the organiser didn’t speak to me, it rained again etc etc and all sorts of other reasons from needy people who expect special treatment and in the main never get off their rumps to organise anything themselves. As usual I have a stock answer which is along the lines of “Yes you’re right. Don’t come next year and when you’re sat at home alone the event will still be going ahead and we will all be here enjoying ourselves”. In other words, “If you don’t come you are the one who loses out.”
This instance is a little different as Presidents, (playing devils advocate), question as to consider the boycott of TW would be a protest against a course of action which is unpopular. Personally I shall still attend TW for as long as I am able as this is a good quality event, providing exposure to the VHGMC and horticultural/garden machines in a high profile format, judging and awards in three different classes and inclusion in the T&M magazine write-ups. Don’t forget the gains to be made at the auction. What more do we want?
An interesting debate could manifest itself on this subject….what is your thought?