Coming Soon- Vintage Machinery Registers

April 6, 2014 in Club News

We will very shortly be starting to add content to the website, and the first stage will be to add as many machinery registers that we can so that members can date their own machinery and also to have them included in the register of surviving machines. The intention will be to only publish serial numbers, dates of purchase and selling dealer; details of the current owners will not appear in any form, so if you haven’t told your wife of  your latest purchase you can rest easy, she won’t find out from here!

If any members are interested in putting their registers on here please contact Geoff Ravenhall using the contact email address for the club- don’t forget, this can be a two-way thing. You can provide information about the brand that you are passionate about, but remember also that when people see the listings they may well want to be included so your register will grow as a result.

The first register to appear will be for Trusty Steeds, both Mk1 and Mk2, so watch this space over the next few days.

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