Garner 4-Wheeled Tractor Register

Garner Industrial 1Between 1948 & 1955 Garner Mobile Equipment Limited, a subsidiary of Garner Motors of North Acton Road, London, England, produced a range of small, light, two and four wheeled tractors for the horticultural, market garden and small acreage markets.

Following on from the 2 Wheeled tractor, in 1949 Garner announced a 4 Wheeled Tractor, based on the same basic layout and drive train as the 2 Wheeled Tractor , but with the handle bars removed, the chassis extended, front wheels, steering, seat and a mid mounted tool bar added. Know as the “Garner 4 Wheeled” tractor at first and then later as the 5/6 H.P. 4 Wheeled Light Tractor when the 7 H.P. Tractor was added to the range (see below). Powered by the same J.A.P. Model 5 engine as the 2 Wheeled tractor,with the T.V.O. variant of the engine being offered as an optional extra. Designed to be used with the same range of tools and implements as the 2 Wheeled tractor and fitted with the same steel spade lug rear wheels as fitted to the “De Luxe” 2 Wheeled tractor. The 5/6 H.P. 4 Wheeled light tractor sold for £197 & 15 shillings, with Pneumatic 6.00 x 22in rear wheels an optional extra for £5.


In 1950 the 7 H.P. 4 Wheeled Tractor was added to the range. Whilst the basic layout and build of the tractor resembles that of the 5/6 H.P 4 Wheeled Light Tractor, the 7 H.P. tractor is slightly longer and wider with the tractor being powered by the J.A.P model 6 petrol engine. The detail differences between the 7 H.P and the 5/6 H.P. tractor, include the chassis rails which face in rather than facing out, a straight rear draw bar as opposed to the curved drawbar of the 5/6 H.P. tractor and the omission of the Toolbar screw adjustment handle. The design of the rear pneumatic wheels also changed to that of a solid dish type. This stronger and more powerful tractor allowed for the fitting of One Way mid mounted Ploughs in place of the Toolbar and the fiitting 3ft 6in Cutter Bar , driven from a gearbox mounted power take off. The basic 7 H.P. 4 Wheeled Tractor on steel spade lug wheels sold for £233 & 15 shillings, with Pneumatic 6.00 x 22in rear wheels being an option for an additional £16. The T.V.O. variant of the engine was again available as on optional extra for £6.


As a diversification from the Horticultural market in 1953, Garner added an Industrial or Haulage tractor to their portfolio. Based on the running gear of the 7 H.P. 4 Wheeled Tractor , but with a flat chassis and a conventional seating position. The tractor was designed for haulage duties within factories and industrial estates. Examples were used at Airports and on the inland waterways towing Barges etc. With an optional higher second gear the tractor was also marketed at Golf courses and Sports fields for use with Gang mowers. Available in standard form on 6.00 x 16in rear wheels the tractor sold for £233 & 15 shillings, with optional extras including Electric Lighting and Horn and a full body cowling. Again the J.A.P. 6 T.V.O engine was offered as an option, but in addition the J.A.P. 55 twin cylinder 10 H.P. engine was offered  as an alternative power source.

The serial numbers for the tractors are usually to be found on a small brass plate fixed to the clamp that holds the seat to the chassis on the 4-wheel models. The serial numbers are usually prefixed with “CT” on the 5/6 hp version and “BB” on the 7hp model. 


Production of all the tractors in the range ceased in 1955, with Garner having exported their tractors all over the world, and today both working and restored tractors are to be found throughout the British Isles, the Scandinavian countries, Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately the numbers of tractors produced is unknown as all the factory records have been lost.


The table below lists those tractors on the Garner Register where either the tractor serial number and or the original engine number is known. However over 120 Garner Tractors are listed on the register.


For further technical or historical information or to add your Garner to the register please e-mail or email the club through the “Contacts” section.  

Numbers For The 5/6hp Tractor

Garner 4,5hp Register

Garner 4,5hp Register1
Garner 4,5hp Register2

Listings For The 7hp Tractor

Garner 7hp  register

Garner 7hp  register1

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  1. said on August 5, 2014

    just acquired garner tractor no 527 looks like cf/527 jap model 5 engine centrifugal clutch moves along the drive shaft for some reason is this normal or should it be fixed with a grub screw ?

  2. Hello, do you have a photo of your tractor and do you still have it? I am trying to find out more about Garner 7HP four-wheeled tractors used for barge towing in the 1950s on the London canal network. These definitely had a centrifugal clutch and a JAP petrol engine.

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