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    This is likely to sound like a really stupid question to those who know, but none the less I’ll ask.

    On a Wico Series A magneto there are two oil ports at the bottom of the casing. Does anyone know what grade oil should be used, how much oil and how to squart the oil in? I have managed to get a healthy spark from one that I bought for £20 at an auto jumble at the weekend after striping it down and now just want to look after it.

    Many thanks in advance.



    No such thing as a stupid question just one you need an answer to.
    In general the magneto only needs a little oil and only about every 200 hours so I guess with a vintage machine not that often. Use engine oil and only a few drops required assuming lubricated when serviced.
    I use a conventional hand oil can but it is not easy to get access or see what you are doing.


    That’s brilliant Neil and thanks for your prompt reply. I’ll be looking at the Magento again at the weekend. Fingers crossed it will still give a spark.


    Oil. A few drops of SAE30. Be careful testing for a “ healthy spark” and only do it with a standard gapped plug on the ht lead firmly anchored to the mag base. Waving the ht lead around to create a gap can cause the spark to find an easier route internally resulting in permanent damage.


    Thanks wristpin, the info is much appreciated. I didn’t have any HT kicking round but used a bit of coax instead which was connected to the spark plug as you suggested. I’m not keen on getting a belt off the HT side so decided to control where the spark ends up (ie the park plug). The coax did the trick for testing purposes only.

    So SAE 30 or new type of engine oil sounds good to me. I have now managed to take a none working one apart and found out how these are put together and found the sponge the holds the oil. I’m much happier now.

    Many thanks once again



    First, I was wrong about the oil, it should be SAE20 not 30. In the day it would have been Castrolite or another manufacturer’s equivalent.
    I knew that I had a very good guide to all things Wico series A tucked away somewhere and I’ve just unearthed it.
    Maintenance Manual for the Wico Series A.
    Edited by and additional content by Peter Chadbund

    I’ve got another useful booklet which is a reprint of a Wico publication. Reprinted by David W Edgington, Lodge Wood Farm, Hawkeridge, Westbury, Wiltshire.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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