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    I have mentioned before that I have had my barn and outbuildings raided on a regular basis( 9 Times so far) a couple of weeks ago at the start of the Virus lockdown, they cleaned out our Allotment sheds, this has become an annual event, this time they were very busy, breaking into every single shed,Interestingly any Wolf Garten German tools were taken, whilst the old British tools were treated with contempt, They left all mine with the exception of my Billhook, and nicked the Lawnmower that I only bought last year, two members at least lost their entire collection of their Wolf Garten tools, costing Hundreds of pounds, and two Tillers went (one new), so, as the car boot sales are closed, this is the stuff that will appear on that well known Auction, The Police are Helpless, occupied as they are fighting International Terrorists and raiding the local park for sunbathers


    Sorry to hear you have been raided again.
    One of the problems is identifying items even if they are recovered, it may well be worth using some sort of security marker and advertising the fact items are marked. It may help deter the thieving low lifes. Sadly the best deterents are no longer legal.


    So sorry to hear about this latest event.

    When I had an allotment I found the only way to keep hold of tools was to take them home with me. A bit of a fad but cheapest in the end. What a shame people can’t leave well alone and respect other people’s property.

    I’ll keep a weather eye open on the auction site for your missing items. I feel sure that others will do likewise.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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