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    A recent find and purchase on e bay, The Covent Gardener dated May 1933. It appears to be a Geo Monro publication with various articles and advert showing some of their products, such as the Magnet wasp and fly trap and the Walkover hoe and cultivator.
    Not to be confused with the modern day publication with the same title.


    I sent an e mail to the publishers of the modern day version of The Covent Gardener. They were delighted with the information, unaware that the title existed back in 1933. They were so impressed a short article and copy of the front cover from 1933 is to appear in their Winter edition. I have included details of the VHGMC which I hope they print.


    That’s great news.

    I’ve had need to contact a few manufacturers recently regarding their archive material, it can be very hit and miss getting a reply!

    It would be good to see a copy of the article when it appears in their publication.


    Hi Charlie. I am a researcher in the US and am intested in speaking with you regarding the information you have gathered on Geo. Monro Ltd.


    juliett924 I have sent you a pm. To view pm log in and click on your user id then select messages.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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