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    Hi all.

    I have a restored wheelhorse C-125 tractor and I’m curious to know if it could be registered here in the UK to make it road legal?

    I’d like to use it on a community project I manage and that would involve driving on footpaths and on roads so to be legal I would need insurance, and to get insurance for the road I’m told it must have a registration number.

    Any of you folk who have registered tractors may be able to shine some light on this.
    Indeed someone may have gone down this route before and I’d love to hear your experience.

    Obviously I do not want to fall foul of the law, so answers to the effect “just wing it, take a chance, do it on sunday, plead ignorance” wont really help.

    There is also the possibility that some busy body, do gooder will report me for using the machine and I’d like to be in a position to say “I am sorry to disappoint you, but this vehicle is fully compliant with legislation”

    In other words “Sc__w you! I’ve done my homework and its fine”

    Thanks for considering the question



    Hi all.

    Fir some reason no text appeared when I posted this thread, I will re write it.


    I have a wheelhorse C-125 tractor which I want to use on public land and cross over roads to access that land.

    Does anyone have any view on the possibility of registering the vehicle with the DVLA?

    I dont need folk to say just wing it or plead ignorance of you’re stopped. I want to do things properly as I will be working on a project which would be adversely affected by trying to fly under the radar.

    Anyone have any experience of registering a vehicle, or of the law relating to tractor use on the road? I’ve read quite a lot on the subject but wanted to hear peoples experiences.

    Best regards Mick


    Yes, it is possible / necessary to register grass cutting equipment for use on the public roads. I quite often used to buy ex council triples , walk behind reel cutters and even the odd Westwood bearing registration plates and even “ exempt tax discs”
    What may be difficult is establishing its status – new machines being first registered come with the appropriate paperwork.
    First stop, the DVLA.


    Hi Wristpin.

    I contacted the DVSA to check about type approval and they confirmed what I thought, that it does not need type approval. So that’s a major pain in the neck avoided.

    I went through the form V55/5 which deals with registering an old vehicle.

    Lots and lots of information I couldn’t provide as there is no paperwork for the tractor. But I put together the worlds supply of supporting documents and photos that I hope might help the DVLA to give me a V5.

    The biggest sticking point is the age of the vehicle, but apparently in that circumstance they can always issue a Q plate.

    I’m pretty sure that the vehicle does not need an MOT or road tax. So it’s just a V5 so I can insure it.

    A y thoughts appreciated



    It sounds as if you have done just about everything you need to obtain a registration. It can be a bit hit and miss with DVLA, read the FBHVC newsletters and you will see some of the problems people have had with vintage cars. Hopefully if you are happy to have a Q plate all should be good.
    Note, you cannot drive a motor vehicle on a footpath, bridleway of restricted byway. You can only drive on roads, Unclassified County Road (UCR) and Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT). I am not sure what category motorised street sweepers fall into to allow them to be driven/used on pavements (footpaths).


    I have plenty of experience trying to register old vehicles including cars and tractors and I think you should be fine. It was a lot easier and quicker when we had the local dvla offices but the same principles apply. Sometimes they want to inspect the vehicle but not very often. If you can’t provide definitive proof of manufacture such as a letter from a recognised owners club ( there is or was a list available on the dvla website) then you will get a q plate. Lots of people hate these but my kit car has one and I don’t care as if the mot inspector can’t tell what year it is then he can’t apply any emissions tests so it’s visible smoke only. You will more than likely get an agricultural vehicle tax category which is free,although you still have to renew it annually. They nearly always put things they are not sure about in the agricultural class, like my 6 ton aircraft tug, which also has a q plate even though it has a plate on the dashboard stating manufactured 1975. Good luck


    For a reasonable fee the Ferguson Club is able to take you through the process of registering any classic tractor and check the supporting evidence pack before it goes to the DVLA, link below:

    Tractor Registrations


    Thanks gents, some very positive points there, I will await a reply from the people in Wales and report back to you.
    Going to fit a pair of mirrors a d a amber beacon as a just in case.
    I supplied just a out everything I could think of so we will see how it goes.
    Best regards Mick

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