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    Ok this is made from copper, the height is 15 inches, the stem is 5 inches diameter. this is from the late Victorian period to the Edwardian period. It was commonly used in Horticulture.
    So what is it and what was it used for?
    The answer will come later on next week, have fun Andrew


    Burning nicotine to fumigate greenhouses?


    That is an intriguing item!

    There’s a TV show called ‘Would I lie to you?’, and on that theme there could be some interesting ideas as to what this mushroom shaped copper item is… so could it be for catching earwigs much like putting an upside down plant pot full of straw at the top of a cane. Here though, a small pot of straw would be put in the device attracting the crawling insects – although with a small candle it could attract moths instead.

    Or could it be attached to a paraffin heater to distribute heat downwards to warm a greenhouse bench for seedlings etc – preceding the later use of electrically heated cables.

    Or could it be for fumigation as Charlie suggests?

    What convincing ideas have other members got?

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