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    Always good to read our Chairman ramblings in The Cultivator. Yes my dear wife also berates me when I go off about people flying the flag up side down. It should be part of our education system! Start them young!
    For the correct way look on page 9 pictures 3 & 4 you can always rely on our members to get it right.
    While on the same subject, when putting the flag away never let it drape on the floor, as it would be classed as an insult to a great nation. The only time it should be rested on the floor is to salute the fallen.
    Yes I’ll own up I was a standard bearer in the Scouts, they tried me on drums and I punctured the skin, then they gave me a bugle which I then played like a pregnant cow in distress, so then they gave me the flag for safety

    Kind regards
    Big Ears


    I have been known to ask people if they are in distress when I see them flying the flag upside down. It reall does annoy me.


    Well done for knowing the only legitimate reason for flying it upside down! At least I know there are some more people out there that think like me.


    I too have telephoned businesses and schools about their apparent distress signals and they generally have no idea why they are receiving a call.
    The answer is better education but …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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