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    Hi everyone, we’ve just got an OTA tractor with the cast aluminium front and hydraulic lift. We can’t find any serial numbers anywhere on the tractor. I understand its an early version but can anyone help with finding the age of the tractor?


    With a cast front your tractor is a MK1

    If it was a early MK1 (yellow and red colours) the chassis and engine number would be on a cast aluminium makers plate mounted on the right chassis.

    From what I can see your tractor is the Co-op Blue colour and the chassis has fixing holes for the underslung toolframe so I think this is a later MK1 where the chassis and engine numbers were on a brass makers plate on the dashboard to the right of the steering column.
    A few more photographs would help further identification and if it still has the original engine number (on a machined flange over the manifold) I have Ford manufacturing records and can date engine production date.
    Lucas also stamped date of manufacture on starter and dynamo so have a look at those
    Happy to help and you can contact me on 01926 632509

    regards Joe Paget

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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