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    Hi, can anyone tell me what thread and size the grease nipples are on a 1954 monro tiller please. I can’t get the grease to pump through the originals as they have an end which doesn’t seem to clip into the grease gun. Thanks


    Sounds as though you have the old “ straight” nipples as used on lots of older kit – vintage cars, Suffolk and Ransomes mowers to name several. You can possibly pick up a pump type gun with a suitable connector at an auto jumble . If lubrication is more important than originality just switch the nipples to modern “snap-on “ ones. ( Type, not the tool seller!). Threads could be BSP or UNF – a Monro tiller collector can probably advise you.
    A trick that was used by old school mechanics was to lay a piece of thin clean cotton cloth over the nipple and apply the gun connector over it providing a seal while still allowing grease to be forced through it.


    Thanks. I’ve tried 1/4 bsf and 1/4 bsp. bsf was too small, bsp too big. I will try 1/8 bsp. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your reply


    Which grease nipples are you referring to? The ones on the wheel hubs or miller drive.
    The wheel hub grease nipple MT632 on later machines is listed as a Tecazerk Type 6082.
    GR 10 for MT341 miller drive housing is only listed as grease nipple. I will have a look at one and see if I can work out size.


    Hi Charlie, it’s the ones on the Miller drive. Thanks for looking

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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