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    hi all any one who has a merry truck 5 cwt model having problems conecting


    Photo, more detail of problem???


    They fit to the Major models quite easily, I put the front ring on the ground, roll the machine backwards into the ring, align the Tiller with lugs on the ring then lift the ring until the rear lug goes into the slot where the skid fits, get the pin through. Then bring the front lug up and put the pin through the ole in the chassis.
    Note 1: If the truck has a rectangular rear lug it won’t fit the early C type Merry Tiller (round hole for the skid)
    Note 2: I don’t think you can fit a 5 cwt truck on a Titan because the hitch is different, I could be wrong here though.


    I have now scanned my Merry Truck Instruction book.


    Thank you for posting up the instructions. 🙂

    I think I may have mentioned it before, my Merry-Truck has a chassis made of round tube, as in your photo, but it has a navvy barrow body with it rather than a truck body. The barrow body does not have any holes in it so it hasn’t come from a dismantled wheelbarrow but it is that type of body. It has a square tube welded under with round in the ends as the axle that sits on the hooks at the back of the chassis….doing this from memory as it is rather buried in the back of a shed.!
    Has anyone else got a navvy barrow body truck or was it a local product from our local dealer.?



    i believe you could buy the chassis separate and fix your own body.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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