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    Hi Everyone, I am new to the club and forums and I am looking for some advice on Mayfields.

    I have got a Mayfield mark 12 which has got what looks to me like an original seat but I was wondering if anyone could confirm if the seat is in fact an original mayfield or a home made example? It attaches to the toolbar on the back and has a different hitch system to the trailer you see in the brochures, I will enclose some photos. I have never seen a seat like this in any Mayfield paperwork or brochures.

    I also own a Mayfield mark 15 which I have just purchased with a good collection of original attachments being an original trailer, snow plough, plough, scythe and toolbar.
    This tractor is not in running order and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who could advise on the availability of parts, specifically for the carb?



    Try Meetons for Villiers parts.


    It doesn’t look like a genuine Mayfield seat to me they are the same fitting as the trailer


    Looks to me like a universal seat you can buy for machines etc

    Poss the light weight version you could buy for the allen scythe model F

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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