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    Is it possible to fit a under tractor grass deck to my machine ?i have a topper but like the idea of a cutting deck.

    If it’s possible how do you get the drive to it?

    And if it’s possible where can I get all the bits?



    Hi peter
    I worked on the b7100 models, certainly they could have underslung decks on them, drive came from an electromagnetic clutch on the front of the tractor driven by the crankshaft. Then if my memory is correct a belt drive to a longitudinal shaft driving the mower.
    Some compacts have a centre PTO drive underneath the tractor , can’t remember if the
    B 7100 hadthese or not (be fair here it was thirty years ago.)

    No doubt other members will know or remember better than me.


    You are quite correct- some of the earlier models had a locally sourced mid-deck when they were sold in this country. I can remember a B6000 with a mid-deck and belt drive from the front end, but they were far from common as most were sold to nurserymen for rotavating in greenhouses. I think the deck was made by Sturdilux but it was a long time ago now, so don’t quote me on it!

    What we used to find with the B6000 (I haven’t come across a B7000 in this country) was that the rear PTO was smaller than standard and rotated in the opposite direction; it also had smaller than Cat 1 three point linkage when fitted, but most had the bolted-on rotavator that they left Japan with as well as the very deep tread rice tyres.


    The B7100 I worked with I thought had Kubota decks on them, however I am very aware that they could have been made by someone else, I know of a manufacturer making implements and trailers , some are painted orange and badged Kubota!
    We were using them for local authority grass maintenance, verges, play areas and some amenity areas.
    The electric front PTO was a little troublesome, and the crankshaft connection could fail, damaging the front of the crank.
    Bearing in mind these were working five days a week for about seven hours a day, maybe they did quite well, the operators were bonus driven and not sympathetic to the kit.
    To fit the deck you just drove over it and connected all the linkages and drives.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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