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    Hi all.
    The park I volunteer at recently revealed they had a grass cutter in a shipping container.

    When I opened it up there sat a very sad LX277 ride on tractor mower.

    Flat tyres, flat battery, put away wet and apparently not run for five years.

    They bought it and did not dare drive it for some reason.

    Is it worth spending time and effort on?

    Is it the right kind of machine for cutting ornamental grass in a park rather than cutting paddocks etc.

    If they decide to sell it is it better as a runner than just getting rid of it as is. Obviously I will be doing the work and want to advise the committee as best I can.



    The LX series was very under-rated at the time. Many dealers considered it to be purely domestic, but we sold a few of them to our local authority to cut grass around the housing estates and they lasted quite a few years beyond their budgeted life in this harsh environment.

    Kawasaki V-Twin engine, hydrostatic transmission and very simple electrics made for a very durable machine. The first thing to show signs of wear was the mower deck, especially if lazy operators did not clean underneath the deck after use and it rotted through from the inside.

    Well worth saving and the fact that it has a John Deere label would normally mean that it will sell quite well. Good luck with it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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