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    I’ve been doing research on some machines that were imported into the UK from the late 1960’s into the early 1980’s.

    The machines were rotary lawnmowers and cultivators. They were badged as ‘Pacemaker’. Mower models included the G38/3/2 (38cm cut, 3hp, 2 stroke) and the G38/3/4 (38cm cut, 3hp, 4 stroke).

    I’ve located the manufacturer as ‘MC Garda’ based in Italy. I cannot find anything out about them and no address. I have an idea that the company may have evolved in to Castelgarden but I’m unsure.


    In July 1986 Garden Machinery Price Guide, Garda is listed with Vic Konash of Fakenham, Norfolk. Included is a G38E, electric rotary and G38/3.5/4 15″ rotary 3.5hp BVS143 4 stroke. There is also a second range with designation begining PA…
    Four Ginge handmowers and a couple of Ginge rotaries are listed with same too…

    Looking back to 1985, I only have a few rescued guides, the same distributor is listed with a range of machines that take names from local and countrywide big houses…such as the Blickling, Holkham, Sandringham, Beaulieu, Hatfield etc,…I assume badged import.??



    The sun has come out and I should be out exercising, doing the front garden…but then my mind wandered back to the mid 1980s and the mowers that Central Spares distributed….went under names such as Apollo, Gemini, and the chunky alloy deck, orange painted, Jupiter, etc,etc… I’m not suggesting here any connection with above ask, just genuinely pondering on what was their source.??



    Many thanks for information, Clive.

    I’ve done a bit more research and find that the full name is MAC Garda, and it has Castelgarden connections, but I’m still vague on that one. And there’s bits of a Garda mower for sale, not far away from me, on the internet!

    I think the Garda company made a lot of other machines. I’ll have a look for the machines that you have mentioned.

    One bit of info I have states that ‘John Harston imports the MAC Garda and Weekend range of Italian rotary mowers 15″ to 20″ cut available, push or self propelled with a choice of 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine and grass collection facilities’.

    I’ll send you a private message.


    From our archives it shows that John Harston Ltd, was the sole importer of the Pacemaker from 1970.
    The first adverts were placed in the Hardware Journal for that year,and there was 6 models available, all the engines were Aspera,and were also backed by Aspera agents all over the country.
    John Harston Ltd was at Trowse,Norwich, and 20 Golden Ball Street,Norwich.
    We happen to have a mint full line brochure for 1970 in our archives
    Hope this helps
    The Hall & Duck Trust

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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