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    Hi have problems starting the engine which is a Hirth 24D i have replaced the injector but very little compression.Does anyone know where i can get spares for this engine??


    I had a Howard 700 with Hirth which I sold recently. Compression was relatively low, but with the following procedure started fine.
    1. Remove fuse holder and crank over engine a dozen or so times.
    2. Put a small squirt of engine oil (SAE20) in cylinder.
    3. Set full throttle and pull knob on side of engine which provides a shot of fuel.
    4. Replace fuse holder and crank over smartly (compression should be at bottom of the swing, I turned the crank over slowly to handle at 12 o’clock position then swung down past 6 o’clock as fast as I could).

    Using this method it would normally start first or second crank over. The squirt of oil increased compression enough to fire up even in cold weather. And I never had to use a fuse with it.

    I believe spares are difficult to obtain.


    New parts turn up from time to time on continental E-Bay sites , worth keeping a look out.
    On these shores they are next to impossible to find , striking lucky with someone who has had some spares on the shelf for years is your only hope albeit very slim.



    I may have invented the knob for the extra shot of fuel. I think I’m confusing the Hirth with the Hatz. Old age I guess.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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