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    I have a howard 350 with Kohler 141t engine. We have no spark despite replacing coil, condenser and points. There is some current generated on turning over but no spark. There is no kill switch so was wondering if this is shorting out somewhere I haven’t checked. Thanks. Richie


    Have you checked all the wiring for continuity and good earth where there should be one? Any contact to earth where there should not be one will prevent spark.


    A while ago I had a 350 with an intermittent loss of spark. I found that the insulation on the wire that ran from the back of the magneto, across the back of the block, through a metal clip to the points, had hardened and cracked and was shorting out. As time was at a premium, rather than dismantling the mag to replace the whole length, I clipped the connector off at the points end, slid a length of heat shrink insulation over the entire exposed length and reconnected it to the points.


    Make sure your points are set correctly also because I had a friend who had a 350 and that was hopeless till he got the gap correct 15 to 20 though from memory good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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