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    Today I have just gained news that the Historic Company name of Hayter is to disappear, in future it will only be used as a brand name. The company in future will be known as Toro UK Limited.
    This is a continuing trend and will probalby speed up caused by Covid, lets face it everyone else blames it!


    You’ll find that the professional ride-on mowers changed from dark green to red some years ago (some time around 2015) and were badged up as Toro from then onwards and sold alongside their golf course product line. Does this announcement mean that the domestic range will now appear in red with Toro badges as well?


    Some years ago they sold red, Toro badged Harriers in the US. Don’t know whether they still do.


    Toro badged Harriers, the last ones I saw over there selling in dealerships was in 2009.
    The historic prophecy of selling in the USA, was to sell a quality product, at an affordable price realistic to the market, but in recent years with the cheap influx of Chinese products, entering the market, reduced in price, as China requires Foreign currencies, this ripple has effected all economies.
    I’m afraid the bottom line is that it may look good on paper, until later you find that inferior materials have been used.
    At the moment there appears to be a steel shortage, so scrap is at a high making over £230 per ton, and we all know who is buying – China. So my view is to collect up all those inferior products eg scaffolding that bends when it should not, put the money back into the Economy by selling it as scrap to whence it came. Then buy British!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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