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    I am having trouble starting the above machine. Suspect carburettor but have got a good spark and new plug. Does anybody know where I can get another, or a repair kit please? Preferably UK.


    have you tried Meetens at PRESTON they do a very good postal service 01772691603 or 01772691604


    New old-stock carb kits are usually available quite easily from the US.
    The old Briggs flo-jet carb can be very temperamental, make sure that every joint is well sealed, check that you haven’t got any play in the throttle butterfly shaft. If you do get a carb kit, run a tap down the jet holes before replacing the jets to make sure that the jets seat properly, the threads can wear with time.
    All the above can allow excess air into the carb which will stop the engine running.
    Spare carbs do turn up quite regularly, so it may be worth collecting a few, I ended up with a one built out of two or three different ones when I had a Trusty with the Briggs zz.


    Hello, thanks for your help, it looks like I will have to get a kit from America. Thanks again Pete tractorman.


    Have you got the part number for the kit?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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