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    Hi, I’m having problems getting the rotary mower working.

    There is no way that I can see of adjusting the tension of the belt or keeping it on the pulley wheels when I have managed to get a belt on and started the engine.

    I’ve looked through the forums and internet but haven’t found any information or pictures.

    The only thing similar is the Merry Tiller rotary mower which seems to be adjustable on the mower mount.

    Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    May just be the angle of the image but it looks as though there may be a pulley alignment issue.A pic with the belt fitted may clarify.


    I’ve done some research on drive belt pulleys that are at 90 degrees to each other and it seems the belt should be twisted so it looks like a figure of 8.

    I will try this tomorrow and report back.

    Wristpin, thank you for your reply. I will keep that in mind if twisting the belt is not successful.


    I’ve got a drive belt fitted in a way that it stays on the pulleys when turning the engine by hand and with the engine running.

    I will post a photo when home from the allotment.

    I’ve had to fit a loose belt to be able to start the engine. I couldn’t turn it over fast enough with a tight belt.

    I’ve had the mower blade spinning by tensioning the drive belt by with the edge of a spanner with the engine already running.

    Just got to figure out a way of tensioning the belt for normal use.


    Another possibility is that the mower is not a Barford attachment but a modified Merry Tiller or other make. I don’t recall seeing a rotary mower in any Barford leaflets.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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