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    Can anyone help me to identify what model of jap this is. I understand that it’s a 350cc side valve single but that’s all I know. I am looking for a carb for this engine so I need a little bit more info on the engine so I know what I’m looking for. If anyone has any parts aswell this would be a massive help.


    Hi Kurtis
    Sorry for the lateness of my reply, as its our busy time at the moment pruning the apple trees through Somerset!
    The engine dates from 1947 – 1953, you are correct a 350 cc. This engine unit was a side valve Atco/JAP four stroke with cooling fan cowl.
    The carb should be an Amal, single lever control, fitted with air strangler.
    Magneto should be a Wico series A
    The starter should be by your foot, on to a lever, which should be attached to the clutch.
    Hope this helps.
    Photos from The Hall & Duck Trust Library


    That’s answered the OP’s original question but as one of his images appears to show an Albion gearbox and clutch ; so what’s it from, not an Atco cylinder mower !


    Hi Angus I see what you mean.
    Well just come back from looking in all my Atco files to include non lawn mower. Although that Albion gearbox is present as its not attached in anyway, does it actually belong?
    The Atco tractor’s engine was a 350 cc but that was different to this engine, as it was a two stroke.
    I have checked all the Marine engine impellors they made and its not one of them either. Where the magneto is it is the correct position for a lawn mower engine, so all I can say is back to you.


    Let’s hope the poster tells us what plan he has , he appears to have removed the clutch spur in one of the pics. The remaining paint on the gearbox would maybe suggest AutoCulto or Trusty Earthquake , the Jap engine would certainly make an interesting and unusual conversion.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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