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    Eventually got flywheel off. Thanks for suggestions. In the end I used a 3 legged puller, moderate pressure applied and then a sharp tap with a mallet on the end of the puller’s centre screw. Flywheel fell off easily.
    I now need a few spares, (coil, points, condensor, gaskets, silencer, air filter etc.,) Some are essential and some just desirable. I have sent a request for price and availability to Jon Cruse at the Mower Centre who says he should be able to help me, but also advises he is not too well at the moment. It’s been two weeks now and I really would like to get it running again soon.
    Is there anyone else out there who supplies Aspera parts ? I have contacted Meetens, but have found them a bit pricey in the past.
    Any suggestions gratefully received.


    I don’t think that Meetens ever held much ( any?) Aspera / Tecumseh stuff. Also, it’s my understanding that Meetens have recently sold out to L & S Engineers. I’ve never actually looked at the L&S site for Tecumseh stuff but it may be worth a look. Another supplier worth a look is JAPG. If you are really desperate, try the USA but by the time you’ve paid shipping and UK duty and clearance charges the costs will build up.

    When Tecumseh UK closed down all their parts stock was bought by Peter Elliott who trades as Meadowbrook Enterprises and has an eBay presence. However Tecumseh’s inventory would have comprised mainly parts for current products. Further more it is roughly ten years since Peter Elliott took over the stock and that will have been depleted over the years.
    As far as I know Jon Cruse is the most likely source of anything that’s left and your comment re his health may account for a recent unanswered email enquiry of mine.

    Old petrol Flymos used variations of Aspera, Tecumseh, Tecnamotor and Kirby Lausons, all using similar ignition parts branded, Phelon, Ducati and Scintilla – Most interchangeable. Pre Covid a beat up old Flymo could often be bought at our local collective auction for less than £20.

    Gaskets are reasonably simple to make diy and I have a friend who can laser cut perfect ones, but he needs a pattern. However he can clean up a tatty one on the ’puter before producing a perfect result. I’m not volunteering his services as it’s not his main job and he has the kit for a different purpose, but there are probably others who can.

    You list coil, condenser and points but are you sure that you need them ? I’ve rebuilt many Aspera Engines over the years and other than an occasional condenser I don’t recollect much need for coils or points.


    It’s worth giving George Shead at villiersparts a try , I know he did have complete Phelon ignitions a while back.



    Thanks for the suggestions. I have fired off an email to Meadowbrook and will see what happens.
    Engine had no spark when I tried it so, and as I have no way of testing coils I am assuming it’s all U/S. Points are probably OK after a clean and I have seen a condensor on the Meadowbrook page that looks identical.
    I will need a new head gasket as I have removed the head to lap the valves in (exh very corroded) and will also need inlet manifold and exhaust gaskets. None of these are DIYable for me. I could reuse the head gasket with some Wellseal, but the others just fell apart when I dismantled it. Other parts, like screws etc, I can source from Namricks.(exh and inlet manifold screws all butchered getting them undone). I also need a new silencer, although old one could be re-used but, it will be a bit noisy ! Airfilter is old but re-suable, it would be nice to have a new one though.

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