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    Carbreutor problems.??

    1 My Anzani with Jap engine and zenith carburetor has been easy to start cold but difficult to start when hot. I’ve left it in the field a few evenings ago as I gave up trying to start but when I returned next day it started straight away.

    2 if I left the tap at the tank on, the contents of tank drain out fully overnight.

    3 Sometimes if left idling it stops after a few minutes

    4 Now I had it running yesterday and I stopped it…. After a few minutes I tried to start while hot.. No way.
    Returned to start today but while it would start on the choke it stopped when the choke switched off…. Regardless of the throttle setting.
    However I could keep it going by playing with the choke setting by holding it part on. The throttle is having no affect at all.
    So tonight I’ve removed the carbreteur to have a look. The throttle linkages are all OK. The valve at top of float shuts when pressed up.
    I’m suspecting some dirt might be blocking main nozzle. Will try blow out with air tomorrow. The main nozze needle is set at closed – 65 minutes rotated out.
    Any suggestions and ideas welcome as need to get it going for first match ploughing outing at weekend.
    Many thanks

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