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Whilst not familiar with the sealing arrangement used on your Honda, to fall back on general engineering experience I would ask what material is the inner seal carrier made from? If it is metal then I would use a sleeve and bush retainer from the likes of Loctite or Granville, but you will only get one chance to position it correctly (this may also be the case with no sealant)
However if the seal carrier is rubber coated metal then it will probably seal ok dry, also from the sizes that you have quoted the fit on the shaft will be pretty tight.

Sleeve and bush retainer will not only keep the inner seal carrier from rotating on the inner shaft but it will act as an effective sealant against oil leakage, this could also be helpful for sealing the outer seal to the drive housing.

If you can do it a picture of the new seal assembly and its intended location would help to confirm my thoughts.

Hope this helps