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Hi. Fascinating to learn the type of steam mower in the photo Tony G shared with the group. I would love to see the better picture of the mower in steam. Did it require coal to produce the steam and have a small furnace which needed stoking up. How long would it run on a firing up? So many questions. Sorry. I’m always curious. I only hoped to add some information to the discussion which would help. I’m guessing the man with the magnificent bowler hat must be someone like the land agent. It would be wonderful to learn the names of other characters in the photo. Yes, I am the author of the book about the remarkable Mary Alice Berners. What a character she was! Her father, of course, was Charles Berners. I have just written another book, “The Berners Family of Woolverstone”, which looks at the line of the Woolverstone Berners from around 1600 and one Josias Berners who bought shares in the New River Company in 1628 and a 25 acre farm in London, off what is now Oxford Street, in 1654. Two strands that generated considerable wealth for the family.