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Hi it’s Will thank you for your reply the belt tensioner is interesting I tried it with the tensioner on the bottom run thinking it was set up wrong but it seemed to slip a lot when I tried it so I will return it back to the top position it makes sense that you don’t want the tensioner on the pulling side of the belt. It reminds me of my days on tracked diggers you always travel with the drive sprockets at the back to keep tension on the bottom of the track otherwise you get bunchimg on the bottom which can end up with a thrown track. Ilike the walking stick term is there a seperate plunger between the spring and the long centre rod? I removed the latch and the rod . When I look through the slot it looks like either the top of a plunger or the bottom of the tube although if its the bottom there must be a false bottom as its almost in line with the bottom of the slot not the end of the tube. Hope that makes sense. Yes not much more to do apart from a couple of seized reel adjusters and a new bush on the mid mower belt tensioner. I look forward to using it once we get some grass to cut rather than spreading dead grass and dust.
Thanks for your help and advice
Best wishes William