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No pictures this time, but I’ve managed to separate the piston from the barrel. After boiling in oil then cooling down for 24hrs whilst still in the oil bath I was just cleaning it off ready to have another look at it; tapping with a piece of wood onto the piston got me nowhere and I was thinking of taking it to work to press it out when I had an idea.

Out came my biggest G-clamp and with a piece of wood across the base of the barrel I wound the foot down onto the piston crown. I did it as tight as I could by hand and still no movement; next stage I gave the end of the G-clamp a sharp tap with a copper mallet and the G-clamp came loose! Two or three repeats and I could see definite movement in the piston, so I carried on and it’s now out of the bore.

The piston skirt is scored quite deeply in places and the rings are stuck in. The rust marks show that it was held along the whole length of the piston on the complete circumference, so I think it’s lucky that I got it out with so little damage in the end.

Has anyone got a Hepolite catalogue? The piston has Hepolite cast into the inside of the skirt with a part number of 17529 cast into the other side. Any ideas?